Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tiyul Tzafon: Day Two: Our Community

12 May 2012

The worst Torah service ever.
Let us not dwell...
But we had cake for breakfast, which was fun.

Naomis peulah, although a bit random and most people thought it would have been better as a sikkum was really cool. We all sat in a circle and kind of discussed our community. When I read it before tiyul, that wasn't the direction in which I though the peulah would go, but I think that it was good to have that space, because clearly people had been thinking these things and they needed to say them.

Rebekkahs Wide Game:
We found out that:
Jake can climb a tree with a blanket in his hand.
Naomi can pin down Emily.
Emily can't escape
Jemma is stronger than she looks.
Tara is easy to sit on.
Dan Ratan doesn't have to play because of his hand.
Dan Arn is good at running away from Liz.
Jeff isn't as strong as he thinks he is.
...and its always nice to invite Israelis over to play

My peulah, after seudah, was great. I made the group make shapes with their bodies in the basketball court, Dana took pictures, and we'll probably never, ever see them though. During seudah though, we ate cake and madde bambah and bisli sandwiches, wrote silly stories, and quotes Mr. Izzard.

That night we al went out for fancy dinner. Dana taught us all how to do our make-up and I was doing peoples hair. We all looked so fancy. During dinner, I had a realisation about Pasta in resturants. It's very bland, and they give you so much you get really bored, really quickly.

Sleep was only slightly better that night.