Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hebrew Week

Sunday 6 May
So we went on one of those organised tours to East Jerusalem to see the (Apartheid/Separation) Wall, and it was quite intense because we were driving through these intense walled off areas and you felt as though you were closed in. Like there was no escape and that you would never be able to do anything worth while ever again.
Even though it might not seem like much, the graffiti that defaced the Wall held a little bit of hope. At least, I though to myself, there were people out there who cared enough, weather it be to keep it or get rid of it, there were people who had taken the time to formulate an opinion on the matter.
We also went to a house in East Jerusalem where these Jewish rabbis had started a Yeshivah in the front of this Palestinian guys house. They believed that they were right, that this was their land and that the Palestinian person didn't retain the right to the land. It ended in more political graffiti and a court case, which I'm not sure is being resolved.

Sprite Day 7 May
Sprite Day T-Shirts have arrived, and you can expect some pictures as soon as I find some time to take a picture of it.
That night, a whole bunch of our machon counterparts came over for another one of those parties where things happen, that just aren't appropriate for the internet, but I am keeping track of everything in other secret places. So don't fret. I'm sure after Shnat confessions and we've all had enough time to look back on life, I'll share them with you all. (And by "You All" I mean Rosa, who probably already knows all this stuff anyways.)
So, Thai Night, where Naomi finally got to make her delicious curries and Salmon Cakes brought all our friends over and after a hearty dinner and more raucous banter between friends we retired to the Dojo, with pretzel sticks, chocolate spread, and some tea for those discussions about Periods and Pooping, that seem to fascinate us all.
Hilarity ensued as one can imagine.

Tuna Tuesday 8 May
We all listened to the pale skinned Palestinian women who sat bent over her knees, hands on her cheeks, with unfaltering attention. Her story of her husband, probably told so many times, filled the air in the room, and hung over us like a blanket of heavy-ness (or something more articulate) Her words were said with deliberate impact. She knew she wanted to make a point and her words defiantly hit a soft spot. She told us how she found out about her husbands death. A phone call. She told us how she reacted. Screaming, hysterics. She told us that the women in her neighbourhood tried to cover her body with anything they could as she ran own the street to her family. She told us that dealing with the pain of a man who had shot her husband in the back, and continued to fire, his foot holding him down, until he was barely recognisable was all too much to bear. She told us how she dealt with the trauma and how she found peace in a place where she could talk to other bereaved parents or victims.
She told us how she had found the crackinthewall

Wednesday 9 May
We all woke up bright an early, got dressed in our Knesset Best and were off to the Parliamentary buildings. We saw what it was like inside the actual parliament. Those rooms where all the politicians sit around discussing important social issues really do exist. Just like the movies.
Later, we went to the Supreme court house, and even got to sit in on a trial that was taking place. Of course it was all in Hebrew, sow e couldn't really understand it, but we saw the proceedings taking place, which was rad.
All the supreme court house buildings have a special architectural design. Most of them are round and have bad acoustics. On the upside though, they had really slid-y floors.

We had a lovelly Lag B'Omer braai in the park.
It was cold outside, because the wind was blowing and Jerusalem just doesn't have summer nights, so we got all dressed warm and comfy and mission'd off to the park, wine in hand, with a little bit of chocolate, and hung out as girlies. It was beautiful. Really it was.

Thursday 10 May
Did this day even exist? I can't remember what happened...
It was a week before Dan's Birthday.
Almost a week before Alysons Birthday.
We sat in the office for ten thousand hours before Northern Tiyul, I skipped Tuna Time and sorted out my visa for England. I met up with the rest of Netzer in the Strawberry Garden and then came home and packed for Tiyul!