Friday, 18 May 2012

Sweet and Sour with a Little bit of Beach Sand.

Disclaimer: I'm now a total Jewish History Nerd.

Sunday 29th April
It was a Sunday, so I assume we had some sort of classes... but I cant really remember...

Monday 30th April
Entering the museum where two people had committed suicide together, rather than being hung, even though they were from opposite political parties was inspiring to say the least. I stood and looked at the Gallows that were never used, Hatikvah illuminated as the back drop and had to hold back tears.

The Menachem Begin Museum is an interesting place. A new age museum where you watch videos and press buttons to make things work. The walls were decorated with actual pictures or protest posters making you feel as though you had been transported back in time, which museums these days often forget to do.

Walking through the narrow corridor that symbolised the end of the museum tour I couldn't help but notice that most f the things Manachem Begin believed in and strived for during his time as Prime Minister was similar to the youth movements we have today. In some cases, like Netzer and some were like Betar and then I started thinking about how we, as the youth, are similar too, but have this stigma placed upon us either by our predecessors or by ourselves and our peers so we think that were different. But were not really. Yeah, we might have small differences but were all Jews and we all live here, and if you tell me that my Judaism isn't as good as yours, I most likely will turn around and tell you just where you can stick "your Judaism" because if it works for me that's fine. And if it works for you, thats cool too.

Over the course of Etgar, I've been able to pick up enough history from our Siyurim and Tiyulim and classes with Tal on Wednesday nights to kind of understand the more complicated parts of history. I now know the difference between the Yom Kippur war and the 6 Day war and could probably tell you the difference between the IDF and the Palmach.
I would also bet you 20 Sheckles that you have no idea what I'm talking about and just googled what the hell a sheckle is. But I'm adamant that I can.

Sometimes we need a little fun in our lives after classes and self realisation and an intense day of thinking,thats where Josh comes in, and instigates a Water Fight...

Tuesday 1st May
Reform Zionism! Now who can tell me what that is? We'll...
We had our first class on it, run by Dana our Madricha, I doodled all over my notes and sat in the back making snide comments and giggling with Lily. We sent around an IDF sign up sheet, Lily signed up twice. Most of the things we learnt that day were a bit irrelevant and stupid. I didn't particularly enjoy it that much, but it did inspire me to tape the Netzer Ideology (which is what we were meant to be learning about, in between Dana's rants about the world) on the wall in the hall way.

That night we decided that we would have a party in the flat. So many things happened that night, most of them unfit for the internet, but I'll probably tell you later...

Wednesday 2nd May
Volunteering again! Except not. We had the morning off so we hung out in the flat and waited to have our next class. We had the best lunch! (I used Naomi's Cheese) and we watched videos on the interweb for like four hours.

Thursday 3rd May
The Palmach Museum! I finally know what that is. After having been there when I was sixteen years old and now I can finally understand what the hell it was all about, having all the cool ass back ground knowledge I do. Its another one of those cool alternative museums, where the whole thing was a movie about these (fictional) people, but like, you could relate to it or something? Meh. I'm smart now.
We also had a sand castle building competition on the beach in Tel Aviv and we went swimming in the sea and it was so beautiful just being able to float.

Lily and I stood at the gate having watched Rosa walk through the doors and off through more security checks with promises that we would still be friends after we had had all our Netzer Adventures and she was back home safe from Africa. Heartfelt hugs and the remains of a last meal shared between three friends in the airport. We laughed about the weird things Marion says and all the adventures we had over the past three months. We sweet and soured and remembered all the Trendy Times in Bars drinking Goldstar, all the times being hobo's and all the times being adventurers. These three months will probably have been the best times we've had together in our friendship, and I know, that writing this post now, there is a lump in my throat and a hole in my heart, where a little fire-y, bubbly friend should be. 
But she's all the way in Ghana.

I met up with Lily and Jess for dinner with one of Rosa's previous work colleges and we went to Her Ethiopian Resturant and had the spicyest food in the whole world. My mouth was n fire, and I generally like spicy food. Later, we found Glagalim and went for a drink (Lemonana v'mente) at a Trendoid Bar that reminded me of the Boheimian, but with less live music and more outside fun time. Gal DJ'd on the shirut home, and I felt a little better about the world for a half an hour. Safe and comforted.

Friday May the Fourth Be With You
Tara can tell you all about the olives, but the rest of the shuk food snacks were just as good. Hummus, techinah, laffah, strawberries and pretzels littered the picnic blanket. We spent the day soaking up the sunshine, planning our night and laughing hysterically at Tara and the olives. Interludes of Alice in Wonderland drifted through the breeze which also carried the faint smell of apple tobacco from the the hubbly bubbly. After a good few hours of nothingness, we headed back to the flat and I ran an amazing Star Wars themed Ma'amad and we drank champaign. The champaign turned into a house party and soom there were drunk shnatties everywhere, doing drunk shnattie things. kinda like the other night, more shinanigans erupted into the living room.

Saturday 5th May
Jess and Lily surprise visited me in my flat and we had a picnic, whinge session in the garden before heading out into the wilderness of Jerusalem for another, although different adventure... TBC