Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tiyul Tzafon: Day Three: Connecting with Communities in Israel

13 May 2012

We left the hostel for a tour in Rosh Pinah wich is just outside Tzfat. We started the day off back at the mountain and ytalked about why people would have moved from other countries to Israel and then once in Israel moving to Tzfat and Rosh Pinah. We came to the conclusion that people couldn't afford to live in a big city like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. The people that lived in Tzfat were the artists, the farmers, the play writes who used their creativity to start small communities. We also spoke about people who came from North Africa and how they settled in those places, because they could have their own communities, still having their beliefs and practices of culture.

We stopped off for a discussion about the importance of Hospitals in the area, but the conflict of the town not being developed enough and the social problems that arose from the people being poor and not having access to proper health care.

It was oof to the kibbutz where we ate amazing sandwiches, drank coffee and hung out. There was a man there who told us all about his Aliyah Story.

He made Aliyah just after his shnat, to the kibbutz. A year or so later the Yom Kippur war broke out and he was called up to the army. He told us stories of how the kibbutz was being bombed and he had to help the teachers in the children's houses get them all down to the bomb shelters. It was super inspiring to hear his story, but it also made me think about my own relationship to Israel and if I would be that committed at such a young age.