Tuesday, 23 July 2013


She leaned on her elbow, the beige, leather couch barely a support for her tired head. He sat next to her, legs outstretched enjoying the space that the carpeted floor provided him. A half empty beer bottle between his fingers. She licked her lips before speaking. Her mouth was dry. His scent, all to familiar in this setting was stronger as they sat close together. The light tendrils of her hair fell around her face just brushing the top of her dark blue jumper that covered her shoulders. The light in the room was a mixture of reds and oranges giving the room, although empty pizza boxes lay scattered across the low coffee table, a romantic glow.

He was talking softly and she was listening intently to what he had to say, bringing her own dark brown beer to her lips, ever so slightly sipping the bitter contents of the bottle. She smiled, a half crooked; tired smile filled with longing. He laughed as he straitened himself out, moving ever so slightly closer to his companion. He mumbled something and she blushed turning her face away shyly as he reached up to move a strand of hair that had fallen into her face. His large hands gently brushed it behind her ear as she gazed into his greenish-blue eyes. His hand rested on her neck where it had stopped mid action. He looked more intently into her eyes, she smiled ash his lips brushed hers.

Their lips met in perfect unison, his hand, more firmly now, felt the back of her neck as she let herself melt into his strong figure. His shoulders were broad her fingers soon found out as she gingerly moved them to touch him. They had become intertwined with one another. The music seemed to grow louder as sparks ignited between the two entangled on the floor amidst fiery passion and the thought of the last night they would have together.

They broke apart, her hand still touched his unshaven cheek as she bit her lip and looked at the figure in front of her. Her eyes shined bright with the thoughts shooting through her mind. She leaned back on her elbow and stretched, leaning her head backward and settling into a more comfortable position. He touched her leg as he looked at the angelic figure, pale and smiling in the dim light of the small apartment. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek before rising and heading to the kitchen for two steaming hot cups of coffee.