Monday, 22 July 2013

Couch Potato - Shortstraw

A little bit of light hearted, indie music to get this whole show on the road.
This song pretty much describes my life. 

I pretty much love Shortstraw. I've seen them quite a few times since I turned 15 and would spend my nights trawling bars and Live Music Venues, being caught up as a part of the unbelievable city night life that Johannesburg has to offer. 

The most memorable time I ever saw them live was at Cool Runnings in Fourways. They were playing the gig with none other than Desmond and the Tutus and The City Bowl Mizers. It was a crazy-amazing show and a night I wouldn't soon forget - because that was the night I went Stage Diving.

The crowd was insane and absolutely wild as I stood on stage, the blinding lights shining in my eyes. The people were pulsating along with the music jumping up and down in rhythm to the band playing their well rehearsed set and dripping sweat all over the stage. I was with a complete stranger, tall and with dark, wildly curly hair. I looked up at him, because he was so tall, uncertainly but he smiled reassuringly and shouted "GO!" and pushed me to the edge of the stage. I jumped, free falling for what felt like a life time into the crowd with nothing but a the hope that some one would catch me. 
It was amazing.
I felt like I was flying.
The floor was hard and slightly slippery under my feet. I fought to regain my balance as I pushed my way back to the front of the crowd and joined the sweaty, smelly writhing mass of people that we're jumping and dancing to the beat of the band.


I am the Potato God.