Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dear Jozi

Six thirty, Sunday morning, I found myself with Nathanel at the Beyachad center painting the most amazing Netzer mural on the wall. 

By ten thirty I had drawn it, and Nat and me started painting. 

It took most of the day, and the heat was almost unbearable. Later that afternoon, Lily, Gareth, Michal and Jakey joined in the painting and did the green background while Rosa and I missioned around to get free Diet Cokes with our Chip n Dip.

The day was great and I think our Netzer Mural turned out quite lovely, don't you?

About two hours in...

Right near the end everybody helped do the background
 that Nathanel and I forgot to do in the begining...

This lady was part of the mural competition. At this point it was still not finnished, I have yet to see it done but I think its super amazing and shes wonderfully talented. I hope she won.
The competition was open to anyone, we were given the wall space, along with the other youth movements to show our presence in the comunity.

Thats me painting my foot to add my foot print to the mural.
This is me "making my mark" as it were.

It really was a lot of fun, and even worth the patchy sunburn on my arm where there were paint marks and my peeling neck, and the paint in my hair. I wouldn't of wanted it any other way!

Nilmad V'na Aseh! 
We will learn, and we will do!