Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Trouble & Daughter are a small band from Toronto, Canada. I found their stuff on Youtube and fell in love almost immediately. Their simple melodies and sweet harmonies make rainy days seem like something to live for. With a name like trouble and daughter, one can only expect to expect a little bit of rough mixed in with some subtle melody of love. I think the music really comes alive through Jenni and James' vocal play.
Their EP, which is self produced includes musical talent from a few of their friends along the way.
Their eclectic sound and chilled vibe really brings some thing trendy to their music. 
Check out some of their videos, here's mine:
Favourite Song:
Trouble & Daughter - Is It Bad

Favourite Video:
Trouble & Daughter - Love song

 Okay, I'm done obsessing over these amazing cats now.