Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Other Side of the Mountain

Usually around December I head over to a little Town in the Cape.
Cape Town?
Have you heard of it?
Well, I spend about a month there doing this Summer Camp for Youthes trying to teach them how to be better people, save the world and be as cool as I am. You know, the usual...
Along the way we have pretty crazy adventures. Most of them include driving from one side of the mountain to the other.

The Creamery:
Hand made ice-cream where you can actually taste the ice-cream and the people don't judge you. Such an odd experience. I literally stood there for like twenty minutes trying to refuse the little spoon of deliciousness the girl behind the counter was offering me. They literally force you to tasteit. So different from good ol' Jo'burg.
You should deffos check it out because its great and so good. I'm actually glad I don't live in Cape Town 'cause I will probably live on the ice cream and get diabetes and die..

We took a little trip into town for the Michaelis Grad' Show, where we walked around for hours looking at all the Art the Fourth Years had made and pretending to be really pretentious Art Critics. Its actually harder than it looks. You have to be able to get in touch with your inner most feeling and then stifle your giggles so the people don't get offended.
These were real butterflies that were cast in Wax and sewn together it was super odd. There were also other taxidermy-d animals. Pretty much scarred for life.

Cape Town was super great, but nothing beats a Good Jozi Jol.