Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Weekly Report: 13/09/2012

Dear Parents, Snifim and Shanties. Shalom Rav,

This was an exciting week for Israel and for the progressive Jewish community. The Israeli Paralympics team did what the Olympic did not do; they came back to Israel with medals including a gold medal.
In a small city of 700.000 in Russia (3 hour flight form Moscow) celebrated 100 years to their synagogue, the only synagogue in the city is a Reform synagogue and the whole city got together to celebrate this special historical event.

Back to Israel, two events got me thinking, there was a convention for Jewish refugees that escaped form Arab/Muslim countries, it was the first convention and they want to demand that the countries pay them compensation for having to escape from their respective countries.

There is a city passed the green line called Ariel, there is a college there called the University centre of Ariel. Despite it name it is a college and not a university, just before I get to the point lets playa little trivia game:

How many universities are there in Israel?
Which was the first university established in Israel?
Which is the biggest university in Israel?
What is the difference between a college and a university?

This college has been fighting to become university, already a few years ago it was decided that it would be and since then it has had its bureaucratic ups and downs, this week the government decided to move the issue forward and that now it has to be recognized as a university. I wonder what are the reasons behind this, although the claims are that it is time to have another university in Israel, and the college wanting to be able to work on research’s and get different funding that the universities get I cant help to wonder if it is not more of a political in your face kind of decision – penny for your thoughts.

I just got back from visiting our dear shnatties in Lotan, they are doing great and are very happy on kibbutz, and they have turned their flat into a home. We are getting ready to receive the northern group that will be arriving just after Sukkot and will be joining or dear shnatties in Lotan.

On this note I want to finish by wishing you all a Shana Tova, for all of us to have a great sweet year.

Shana Tova,

Weekly report by Liz

Over last weekend our house was loud and lively due to the visitors from Betar and Hashomer Hatzair. It was great fun and we were all sad to see them go on Saturday.

Lily started her first week with the goats on Sunday while I was left alone in the Eco mud building. Monday was communal work in dates again, where Jade, Shoshana and Jordy work on a regular basis (It has the best breakfast) The next day was Yom Chinuch. We were all insanely happy for our sleep-in until 8:30 which was a treat in comparison to the 5:30 wake up call we usually get (besides Kitty who starts at 8 in tourism). On Tuesday we had a class with Mike Nitsan about Lotans' connection to the Progressive Movement Worldwide, followed by a class with the local rabbi Daniel about God and the balance between strict justice and mercy. The peula that evening was run by Sophie and had us explore our lives and how we have progressed and where we wish to be. While this was all happening Josh decided as a project to make our roof an amazing place to chill, with things like: Furniture (which we are all excited to have because we don't have anything besides bed frames) The night of Yom Chinuch, the creativity energy in our house was palpable as we sat in our backyard and painted pieces of wooden board which we found in our house. We're going to hang them up in the outside room to make it feel a little more home-y.