Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dear Jozi,

I guess I better welcome you to the city through my eyes.
Here it is!
A blog dedicated to the thoughts, musings and adventures through the urban jungle that I call home. Here you'll be able to find pictures of the city, a sneak peek into my wardrobe and a glimpse of the night life and all the mischievous things that we get up to.

Its going to be a bumpy ride, filled with romance, fashion, drama, music and a good helping of vodka to get us through the tough times. So grab your hats and hold on tight!
I hope you enjoy the letters I write you, I promise, they're all sent with love!

Its autumn in the city, which means that for the next couple of months its going to be short skirts, stockings, gloves and scarves. I love wearing skirts and stocking when its cold outside. Topped off with a nice woolly hat and gloves to keep your fingers warm while you sip on hot chocolate. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, especially here in Johannesburg where the sun is hot but the wind is cold.

With love,